evilKAT (wily) wrote,

New punch, room rearrangement, Wort

This afternoon during my lunch hour I took a quick trip out to a neat little shop down to Cherry St. and Lakeshore to pick up a metal punch I'd been shopping for a while now. It's a simple manual tool made by Roper-Whitney which accepts different dies and is made for punching through metal of various thicknesses up to 1/4". I met a guy named Jamie who is into metal art and that kind of stuff, with a really great arrangement of his father running one of those junk pickup companies, so he has an endless supply of scrap metal to work with.

Anyway, the punch came with a 7/32 die which I installed tonight. I had fun taking this ancient tool apart, it's the kind of tool which has been around for all time and still works better than anything made today. It's a hand metal punch, slightly more complicated than a pair of scissors, and it's got BEARINGS where the leverage is transferred to the die. I tested it on a scrap of 18ga. mild steel and there wasn't even a pause as the handles came together. According to the website this thing puts out just short of 5 tonnes of force.

The purpose of buying this was because stainless and spring steel dull drill bits really fast, so they're not suitable for my drill press.


After living here for, two years or more now, I'm doing the first major reaarrangement to my room. It's a nice change, I have a door now, and I'm making room for a workbench. Unless I can move the kitchen table into my room it looks like an Ikea dresser and the sewing machine table (note: I also fixed my sewing machine - needle was facing the wrong way, durrrrrr...) and hopefully I can mount a piece of plywood across them.


Under the advice of a couple of people, as well as some research, and the constant difficulty of the medical system to give me the help I'm looking for, I'm working on an experiment involving a daily dose of St. John's Wort. It's a natural MAOI (monoamine oxide inhibitor - the chemical that breaks down serotonin into Tryptophen and 5-HT after being released into the synapse) and has been used for all kinds of "ill mood" ailments throughout history. I'm not holding my breath on it, but my days at work have felt shorter this week and I wake up feeling like I want to get out of bed. This is still the first 5 days so I'm expecting a placebo effect is a possibility but I'm hoping it's more than that.


The other day I took a spur of the moment inspiration to do some play piercing - it's been a while, but it was still fun to watch little trickles of blood run across someone's skin. :)
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