evilKAT (wily) wrote,


So I started with MessageLabs a week ago. Things are going really, really well so far!

I spent 8 hours in a classroom today learning everything about spam, malware, botnets, virii, trojans, phishing, mx records, dns, a records, zone transfers, and probably a million things I've already forgotten.

Having a real job is neat. This has been years and years in the waiting, as my previous tortured livejournal work posts can attest. Benefits, a company that rewards for working hard, great office atmosphere, no unnecessary middle managers, and chance to move around in job position and possibly the world.

Waiting for the first paycheck is killing me....

I'm still with HiTechTattoos doing laser etching on cell phones, laptops, etc. I was at a toy show this Sunday where I picked up two Harley Quinn toys for cheap. Yes, I'm a nerd.

I can't recall if I mentioned that I retired from Feral! this year? I have anyway. I don't know if I'll attend next year as a camper with the proposition of Burning Man on the horizon.

groceries now.. so worn out.
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