evilKAT (wily) wrote,

Real person job!

So, years upon years in the making - I finally (as was put so well by shbe) have a real person job.

Benefits, RRSP, and income. With what appears to be a really great company within 15 minutes of my house.

If I ever got really excited, this would probably be the right time for it. =)

Steps now include, paying off loans, going to the dentist (maybe..), establish a way to spend and save money. Likely I'll be living how I normally do for a while still, eating cheap and such, but it'll give me the chance to get a little stable, finish my degree, and then actually open a savings account.

(The jobs I've had in the meantime: fixing espresso machines, inflating bouncy castles, and laser engraving.. I'm just gonna call them character building.)
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