evilKAT (wily) wrote,

Larp TV

Today the Space channel arrived on site at Underworld to record a TV spot.

We blew their expectations out of the water!

I dressed up as a tiger savar (cat race), was ordered around by the matriarch, sprinted through the woods a lot, ate half a chicken with my hands, ate an eighth of watermelon, did makeup for NPCs, dressed as a wraith and slaughtered a shield wall of PCs, took a volley of arrows, yelled, laughed, and played!

When Underworld finished, me and Paris went to Fantasy Alive and NPC'd as demons and slaves. We screamed, yelled, and mocked the PCs.

Today was a good day.

*Although worth noting that the UW larp spot will be on tv in about 2 weeks. I'll post a link to it, I'm sure.
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