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22nd August 2010

10:17pm: Back from the UK
I realized my last entry as that I'd left to the UK.

Just wanted to throw a quick note down that I'm back now. It was a great two weeks, I took photos, and it kicked me back into things.

I feel better. Going on two months without a down period and scared of when it'll happen again. Not spending as much time online lately.

Free wishes and fun,


9th July 2009

9:06pm: busy!
I haven't posted in forever!

Been busy with LARP, making stuff, burning stuff, working hard, anthrocon!, and enjoying the summer.

Gah.. sorry Lj! I'll make it up to you later! :D

14th May 2009

6:55pm: Car!
I am in the market to buy a small car.

>~180,000 km
4 door
Automatic preferred.
E-tested in the last year.

~$1000 would be awesome.

Ideally a cavalier, grand am, american made station wagon, or something small.

The purpose is for a trip car, and to carry stuff (hence the stations wagon), but keeping gas usage low.

Do YOU know anyone selling something to match this description?

Also - If you have (or are) a reliable mechanic who you can put me in touch with, I'd appreciate it!

28th March 2009

5:59pm: I was sick on Wednesday.

Like really really 10 hours of vomiting sick.

Now I'm having problems eating, because every piece of food feels like I'm full like being at all you can eat sushi. And my only urge is to sleep.

So, I'm assuming the urge to sleep is due to lack of energy since I can't seem to eat enough food, but trying to force food down makes me feel sick-full and then sleepy.


Any suggestions? The best I can do is eat all liquids, but if I can't do better than that I'll have to see a doctor on monday.

19th February 2009

8:48pm: New punch, room rearrangement, Wort
This afternoon during my lunch hour I took a quick trip out to a neat little shop down to Cherry St. and Lakeshore to pick up a metal punch I'd been shopping for a while now. It's a simple manual tool made by Roper-Whitney which accepts different dies and is made for punching through metal of various thicknesses up to 1/4". I met a guy named Jamie who is into metal art and that kind of stuff, with a really great arrangement of his father running one of those junk pickup companies, so he has an endless supply of scrap metal to work with.

Anyway, the punch came with a 7/32 die which I installed tonight. I had fun taking this ancient tool apart, it's the kind of tool which has been around for all time and still works better than anything made today. It's a hand metal punch, slightly more complicated than a pair of scissors, and it's got BEARINGS where the leverage is transferred to the die. I tested it on a scrap of 18ga. mild steel and there wasn't even a pause as the handles came together. According to the website this thing puts out just short of 5 tonnes of force.

The purpose of buying this was because stainless and spring steel dull drill bits really fast, so they're not suitable for my drill press.


After living here for, two years or more now, I'm doing the first major reaarrangement to my room. It's a nice change, I have a door now, and I'm making room for a workbench. Unless I can move the kitchen table into my room it looks like an Ikea dresser and the sewing machine table (note: I also fixed my sewing machine - needle was facing the wrong way, durrrrrr...) and hopefully I can mount a piece of plywood across them.


Under the advice of a couple of people, as well as some research, and the constant difficulty of the medical system to give me the help I'm looking for, I'm working on an experiment involving a daily dose of St. John's Wort. It's a natural MAOI (monoamine oxide inhibitor - the chemical that breaks down serotonin into Tryptophen and 5-HT after being released into the synapse) and has been used for all kinds of "ill mood" ailments throughout history. I'm not holding my breath on it, but my days at work have felt shorter this week and I wake up feeling like I want to get out of bed. This is still the first 5 days so I'm expecting a placebo effect is a possibility but I'm hoping it's more than that.


The other day I took a spur of the moment inspiration to do some play piercing - it's been a while, but it was still fun to watch little trickles of blood run across someone's skin. :)

10th February 2009

9:03pm: Update time.

I feel a bit above baseline, which is nice for a change. Work is dull but not painful, more akin to walking a meandering broken path alongside a rocky mountain stream rather than walking through the stream itself.

Work is work. We are officially Symantec now, I still support MessageLabs products as usual. I'm up for my second review shortly and hopefully it will give me some more direction. I feel stuck sitting at my desk 8 hours a day and pretty disconnected from the company and hope I can gauge somewhere to go from here, since first level support just doesn't amuse my anymore. Although I still learn something daily, which is the saving grace.

My laptop keeled over. My beat up T40 is dead and my desktop is unstable as a rola bola so I've been looking at picking up one of the W series Lenovo gaming laptops. Two processors, good for gaming, can handle my tablet, and it'll become my new desktop.

I have made it though winter (he yelled with his arms to the sky) in Toronto on a bicycle. Riding to work has not lost its novelty and I'm looking forward to riding in the rain, which is much less scary than snow and ice. For the record I only dropped my bike three times this winter.

This is epic.

I'm helping to run Underworld LARP Toronto in Toronto in the winter and in Acton in the summer. It's great fun but I definitely miss playing outside. Along with this I'm working on getting the equipment together to make better armour as a hobby, and even went so far as to buy a drill press which is now on my kitchen table.

With my debts slowly decreasing and food on my desk I'm looking to do more with myself than survive. DefCon, Anthrocon, BurningMan, Feral!, and world travel, are all on my mind.

Oh, I also bought a camera a.. er.. Canon A1000 which is quite spiffy and takes wonderful pictures.

After years of being broke, starving, and going through hell, it's nice to be able to feel like I'm sort of standing on my own two feet. Replacing all my broken shit is nice too. :3 All that is left to is fix my broken mood control actuator and I'm good to go for the summer.

27th January 2009

8:35pm: What would you buy?
What would you buy for $100?

(Facebook'ed as well.)

6th January 2009

8:29am: Yesterday felt like a culmination of all the things that have been going wrong in the past two months coming to a climax. Of course waking up and remembering it all over again sucks, but my day is going to continue regardless of how I feel.

Quitting my job then laying in bed until they evict me sounds kinda nice about now.

21st December 2008

2:54pm: Fun meme Slut test

Your LJ Slut Stats!
Out of your 72 friends, percentages you have:



seen shirtless

seen naked

had net sex

made out with

had oral sex


Get your LJ Slut Stats!

7th December 2008

1:29am: fuck

5th December 2008

12:07am: Craigslist fun.
This ad was up:

Subject: Artemis aroused - 22 -
I have a tongue so sharp it'll leave lashes.

I'm smart, I'm vain, and I'm proud when I really don't have any reason to be.

I will no doubt hate your music, your literary tastes, and your ride.

I flirt with your friends.

I'm the gold standard of girlfriends.

Obviously a troll of some sort, but I had some run a replied:

Lashes I admire, for their wit and skill.

Arrogance and narcissism are rarely found ill willed.

My taste in friends, and ride, are as subjective as my music..

Please flirt with my friends! I know they could use it!

I'm the gold standard of reason.


Just amusing myself...

3rd December 2008

8:06am: Meme
Silly memes while getting ready for work.

The Life Experience Test
Overall, you have partaken in 71 out of 169 possible life experiences.
Your average life experience score is therefore 42%.

The average score is 52%, making your experiences more than 20% of the people who have taken this test.
The average for your age group (26-35) is 53%.

Broken down by category:
Art: 1/17 (6%)

Career & Work: 7/13 (54%)

Civics & Technology: 4/7 (57%)

Crime & Disarray: 4/11 (36%)

Education: 6/18 (33%)

Fashion: 7/10 (70%)

Fitness, Health and Sports: 3/7 (43%)

Life in General: 7/14 (50%)

Relationships: 7/14 (50%)

Religion & Politics: 0/4 (0%)

Social: 13/22 (59%)

Travel: 0/20 (0%)

Vices: 12/12 (100%)

23rd October 2008

10:24pm: Weight
I'm not sure if it's the job of sitting in a chair all day, or the paycheck which allows me to eat food, or the bike riding to work every day.....

But somewhere in there I've put on 15lbs since I started working, with no sign (yet?) of fat.

Inasmuch as muscle is neato, I don't think I'm fond of being literally heavy.

Then again, maybe I have been sitting on the edge of emaciated(sp?) all these years after all. Weird.

5th October 2008

6:32pm: Sunday lazing...
..download download download...

It's a lazy sunday spent filling my hardrives with the internet while researching the ideal way to rivet metal to leather.

Apparently I have to buy a peener.

Work and Underworld plot meeting tommorow.

Did some more reading on DNS tunneling c/o A's conversation starter earlier this week. Neat stuff, and it'd be really fun to set up a server for that. I think I will be either upgrading my computer, buying a brand new gaming machine, buying an older machine, or any mix thereof, sometime in the future.

4th October 2008

8:48pm: Power shears...
I can cut 18ga. steel with my hands.

Holy crap.

Link and picture.

They're a bit finicky to get used to, although I've found starting the cut slow and increasing speed once they grab seems to work pretty well. In a little under an hour I turned a 3x1.5 sheet of steel into plates.

There's a set of leather/steel bracers I've been working on for a while, but never had a way to do the detail work. Under the suggestion of the guy who works at Atlas a scroll saw is a decent machine for doing detailed steel cutting - in lieu of a band saw. I think this is a requirement to get the detail I'm looking for in order to finish the bracers. Unfortunately I need a workshop (rather than a bedroom) to cut in so I don't leave steel filings all over the place.

In other news:

I went to the Hacklab Toronto incorporation party on Friday night with A------ (name withheld until the trademark clears). Drank a bit, had some awesome cookies, and heard a great many geeky conversations. I think the most impressive thing was the DefCon badge from this year with the built in (reprogrammable) chip, an IR transceiver, RFID doohickey, and it probably sings and dances too. Six of my cooworkers showed up as well, which was odd, but welcome.

Nuit Blanche is tonight in Toronto. It's a "all night contemporary art thing" which is expecting roughly 1,000,000 people. I was out .. two years ago now?.. and it seemed to be a lot of walking around and remembering why I left OCAD. -- I'm extremely hard to impress, especially when it comes to "art".

30th September 2008

6:38pm: Work!
So I started with MessageLabs a week ago. Things are going really, really well so far!

I spent 8 hours in a classroom today learning everything about spam, malware, botnets, virii, trojans, phishing, mx records, dns, a records, zone transfers, and probably a million things I've already forgotten.

Having a real job is neat. This has been years and years in the waiting, as my previous tortured livejournal work posts can attest. Benefits, a company that rewards for working hard, great office atmosphere, no unnecessary middle managers, and chance to move around in job position and possibly the world.

Waiting for the first paycheck is killing me....

I'm still with HiTechTattoos doing laser etching on cell phones, laptops, etc. I was at a toy show this Sunday where I picked up two Harley Quinn toys for cheap. Yes, I'm a nerd.

I can't recall if I mentioned that I retired from Feral! this year? I have anyway. I don't know if I'll attend next year as a camper with the proposition of Burning Man on the horizon.

groceries now.. so worn out.

15th September 2008

12:59pm: Dancing pains..
Saturday was raving mad!

Headed out to Goodfellaz last party here. Hosted at a Go Kart track! Three rooms, probably about 500 people.

About time, too. I haven't danced in _months_.

Although, dancing for nearly 6 hours straight to hardcore has broken me. My everything hurts. (As a sidenote - all you DJs who play Brisk and Trixxy's Eyeopener at the end of a hardcore - my legs left me a message saying they hate you.)

Also, Patches introduced me to a recent scooter:

And Blackout Crew:

again, just music - no video (I really like this track!):

4th September 2008

10:55pm: Real person job!
So, years upon years in the making - I finally (as was put so well by shbe) have a real person job.

Benefits, RRSP, and income. With what appears to be a really great company within 15 minutes of my house.

If I ever got really excited, this would probably be the right time for it. =)

Steps now include, paying off loans, going to the dentist (maybe..), establish a way to spend and save money. Likely I'll be living how I normally do for a while still, eating cheap and such, but it'll give me the chance to get a little stable, finish my degree, and then actually open a savings account.

(The jobs I've had in the meantime: fixing espresso machines, inflating bouncy castles, and laser engraving.. I'm just gonna call them character building.)

20th August 2008

10:56am: Work work
Monday job interview: Job is mostly for a Change Management position but also IT support for internal and external customers. (Does anyone out there know anything about change management?)
Tues - Worked the HUGE travel show downtown at the TCC.
Wed - No shift, but still have my badge, tempted to go down and drink Tequila and enjoy the free stuff.
Thurs - Job interview.
Friday - Feral! omg.

16th August 2008

1:06am: Larp on TV!
Underworld - the LARP I play, and tell everyone about - was on Space Channel today!

If you missed it, it's also on tommorow:
12:30pm EST in Space Channel the show is called "The Circuit".

If you miss it, there will be an .avi released later!

11th August 2008

10:34pm: 1/2 Absinthe 1/2 Tequila shots aren't nearly as bad as I expected.

7th August 2008

4:47pm: Activists, go!
I've never once cared about something enough to fight it in the streets.

This time I do:

Reverend Fred Phelps (of godhatesfags.com) is denouncing a satirical play that, well, makes fun on him and his tribe.

Press Release

They will be protesting tonight at the Cameron House. There is a counter protest being organized to try to outnumber them. I can't go but if you can, try to make it out. 7-8pm, Thurs Aug 7th, 408 Queen Street W.

The goal is to outnumber them. I can think of better....

6th August 2008

4:33pm: Job offer...
I got a call from a recruiter today. Apple requires people to support an unknown product.

The job pays $12/hr. Is in Etobicoke (Dixon and Martin Grove)*. All employees are requires to work at least a Saturday or Sunday every week.

Yet another company who hired a recruiter so they can treat their employees like shit.

Fuck you Apple. FUCK YOU.

(*All you out of towners - this is about 1.5 hours travel on transit from where I live.)

22nd July 2008

12:25am: Creative streak?
Whew. Managed to ward off a migraine today. It's been a loooong time since I had one, but a mix of Hydrocodone, Percocet, frappacino + 1 shot of espresso... seems to have quelled it. I'm thankful beyond belief. And with pain and suffering comes.....

A creative streak. I've drawn a few pictures recently, coloured some stuff too. Finally designed a larp monster which is within my ability to build - possibly my budget too. I have a LOT of free time due to my weird job hours, so I think I'm going to start on it soon. I also canceled my WoW account, leaving me with more time to myself for craftiness. This is the material list for the first monster.. and after writing it, part of the obvious reason I've never made one.

For the first monster I want to build this is the material list:
-multiple 3" - 1.5" foam sheets (??)
-XL coveralls ($15-$20)
-balacalava ($8)
-heavy duty hot glue (the really hot stuff.. not for scrapbooking)($20-$50?)
-black, dk brown, lt brown, spraypaints. latex if possible, but it'll depend on patch testing ($6 each I think)
-latex paint for brushing on and colour mixing (got some)
-fabric sleeves, 2 arms, 2 legs ($0-$5)
-"moss" (??)
-1 large plastic rain barrel ($25)
-triangle cut 2x6 x4 ($0-$4)
-nylon strapping (can probably use leather - got it)
-screws (got some)
-soldering iron for foam shaping (got one, or can borrow)
-brown veil fabric ($0-$2)
total average cost is: $115 Hrm. Okay that was more than I was hoping, but hopefully I can source most of it for free or cheap. I will also get lots of use out of the hotter glue gun.

(boffer construction below)
-pvc pipe
-foam for boffer construction
-pop rivets
-copper pipe
-brown duct tape

The boffers would be the same as the 'cesta' type weapons I used previously at Underworld. Rob from UW also asked me about making him some during last game, so I'll see about getting a rain barrel for both him and me to have these weapons.

Most of the money parts of this are, happily, last steps to the project. I'm still getting very few shifts between my two jobs.. but it's enough to cover rent, so I may as well use this freetime to start this project.

This is what I've drawn btw:

20th July 2008

5:47am: Larp TV
Today the Space channel arrived on site at Underworld to record a TV spot.

We blew their expectations out of the water!

I dressed up as a tiger savar (cat race), was ordered around by the matriarch, sprinted through the woods a lot, ate half a chicken with my hands, ate an eighth of watermelon, did makeup for NPCs, dressed as a wraith and slaughtered a shield wall of PCs, took a volley of arrows, yelled, laughed, and played!

When Underworld finished, me and Paris went to Fantasy Alive and NPC'd as demons and slaves. We screamed, yelled, and mocked the PCs.

Today was a good day.

*Although worth noting that the UW larp spot will be on tv in about 2 weeks. I'll post a link to it, I'm sure.
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